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Release Date May 3

I’ve never had good luck.

Until the day I was hit by a car.

It was the worst day of my life. But also the best. Because it’s the day I met Corbin.

Dating a hot rich doctor is something I’ve only dreamed about and yet it happened. To me! I took it as a sign my bad luck was gone.

But then it returned. First it was Corbin’s family, who doesn’t think I’m good enough. Then his ex, who wants him back. And then? Something I never saw coming.

Was it all too good to be true? Or would luck find me again?


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Ready for Road Trouble?
This book is one of my favorites! There’s so much going on! Enemies to lovers, family drama, funny side characters, an alpha male with a mysterious past. I had the idea for this story a long time ago but the idea was really just the first scene, where a girl stops to help a guy on a deserted country road. He tells her to go away but she doesn’t, which angers him and they end up fighting. That scene stuck with me a long time. I was curious what the guy’s story was and why he got so angry when she tried to help. I finally wrote out the scene and from there it took off! I came to really love these characters—Kyle and Sage, but also Sage’s friend Nina and her boyfriend Josh. Those two are hilarious and might need their own book! Kyle’s backstory is heartbreaking but explains why he ended up in that town. And there’s a surprise twist near the end, because I love those!

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Scene from Road Trouble

Against my better judgment, I back the car up and pull into Miller’s driveway. The guy has his back to me, but turns when he hears the loud rumbling engine of my car as it pulls up beside him.

“Hey,” I say, putting the car in park. Since I can’t get my window all the way down my view of him is partially blocked through the dusty glass.

He sighs. “Now what?”

“I was driving by and saw you here.” I turn the car off and get out so I can see him without the glass obstruction. Damn, he’s hot. Even sweaty and covered in dirt, he still looks good. “Are you Mr. Wilson’s grandson?”

He wipes the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand and glares at me. “Is everyone in this town as nosy as you?”

“I’m not nosy. I’m just being friendly. We’re neighbors so I thought I should stop by and say hello.”

His brows rise. “We’re neighbors?”

Shit. I probably shouldn’t have said that. If he’s some crazy drifter with no relation to Miller, I don’t want him knowing where I live.

I catch his eyes lowering to my body, just a quick glance, first at my tight tank then down at my short skirt.

His eyes dart back up at my face. “Which house?”

“It’s a few miles down the road,” I say, trying to be vague, but there are so few houses out here that he could easily figure it out. “Mr. Miller didn’t mention his grandson was coming to town.”

“I’m not his grandson, not that it’s any of your business.” He looks to the side, and I’m pretty sure I saw an eye roll.

“It’s my business if you’re here without Mr. Miller’s permission. He’s a friend and friends look out for each other.”

The guy stares at me, that intense stare like he gave me earlier. “If he’s such a good friend, where is he right now?”

“In his house.” I point to it, having no idea if Mr. Miller is actually in there. “Which you would know if you were really here to see him.”

“I’m not here to see him. And he’s not in his house.”

“Then where is he?” I ask, feeling more and more nervous as the guy stares at me with those deep brown eyes. It makes me want to look away, but I don’t. I hold his gaze, and for some unexplained reason, feel something stirring inside me. I’ve heard the body can confuse danger with arousal so maybe that’s why I’m feeling this way, although if that’s true, it means he’s dangerous. But I don’t think he is, which means the arousal I’m feeling is because I’m attracted to him. Why would I be attracted to a guy who’s has been nothing but rude to me?

“He’s in Florida,” the guy says. “At a condo on the beach.”

“Florida?” I ask confused. “Are you sure? Because Mr. Miller isn’t the type of person who travels. In fact, I doubt he’s ever left Kansas.”

The guy glances over at the deserted road. “He came into some money. Thought he’d take a trip. An extended vacation.” He looks back at me. “While he’s gone, I’m renting his house.”

Now I’m even more confused. “Why would you rent his house? There’s nothing to do in this town and there aren’t any jobs. Why would you move here?”

“I have to go.” He walks off.

“Wait.” I run up to him. “What’s your name?”

He pauses, his eyes darting to the side. “Kyle.”

“Kyle what?”

He glares at me. “Kyle. That’s it.”

He wipes the sweat from his forehead and as he does, I notice a long red line along his left temple and a bump on the side of his head. The red line is dried blood but it looks like the cut is starting to break open, blood bubbling along the seam.

“Did you get in a fight?”

“Seriously, do the questions ever end? Are you the town gossip or what?”

“Your head. It looks like it hurts. I just…” I reach my hand up to touch his temple and he grabs my wrist.

“Stop.” His tone is softer now, and unexpected. When he grabbed my wrist, I thought he’d yell at me to go away. But instead he shuts his eyes a moment and takes a breath. He’s still holding my wrist but his grip is gentler.

“Please.” He opens his eyes and looks at me, but instead of that intense stare he gave me before, his gaze is softer, kinder, and suddenly, any fear I had of him is gone. He’s not a killer. Or a criminal. I know because my gut is telling me so. And after what I’ve been through with my dad, I trust my gut more than my head.


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Road Trouble Book Blurb

Releasing November 6th!
Seeing a guy walking alongside a broken-down motorcycle on a deserted country road screams trouble. Bright red warning signs telling you to stay away. So what do I do? Go up and talk to him. Offer him a ride. And when he refuses, I go to the house he’s staying at and try to get to know him.

Maybe not the best decision but I wanted to find out his story, like why he just showed up in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere? Everyone keeps telling me not to trust him but I can’t seem to stay away.

The girl won’t leave me alone. At first it pissed me off but now I’m used to her coming over and miss her when she’s not here. She’s smart, beautiful, and too damn nice to be involved with a guy like me. She doesn’t need more trouble, especially after her con artist dad stole all her money. She could’ve found someone better so why the hell did she pick me? Now it’s too late. I love Sage and want a life with her. Problem is, there’s a good chance my life is about to end.

Ready for Trouble?

Big news! My next book releases in November! For now, here’s what I can tell you about it…
Hot guy? YES!
Hot romance? YES!
Hot suspenseful storyline? YES!

When Sage, our heroine, sees a guy walking his motorcycle along a dusty country road, she’s intrigued enough to stop. Who is this mysterious stranger? And what’s he doing on a deserted road in the middle of rural Kansas? Find out soon!

ROAD TROUBLE releases in November!

Scene from The Geek and The Goddess

young adult romance“What are you doing?” I ask.

He gives me a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“Why are you sitting up here?”

“Because it’s where I felt like sitting.” He sets his briefcase on the desk and opens it.

“Don’t you want to sit in the back?”

“Not really. Do you?”

“Yeah. I mean, no. Here is fine.”

“Why’d you sit in back for chem?”

“Because it was the only seat left.”

He nudges my arm. “Must be your lucky day.”

“What do you mean?”

“By getting the last seat, you ended up with me as your partner. Just think how jealous everyone is of you.”

I grin at him. “You’re really full of yourself, you know that?”

He takes out his laptop. “I’m just stating the facts.”

And yet I know he’s just kidding. I can tell by that crooked, yet sexy, smile on his face.

“So you’re usually a front rower?” he asks.

“A what?”

“Front rower. Someone who always sits in the front.”

“I guess I am.”

“You don’t know?”

“I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Sure you have. Everyone does. When you walk in a room, you have a decision to make. Front, back, or middle. If you always choose front, then you’re a front rower.”

“Okay, fine, I’m a front rower. What difference does it make?”

“Where you sit says a lot about you.”

The bell rings as people continue to find seats. The teacher waits for them to sit down then says, “Welcome to American History. I’m Mr. Combs. I need to get something from the teacher’s lounge. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Looking over at Wesley, I see him typing on his laptop. He’s good at tuning things out. People are talking all around us, really loud, and yet he’s completely focused on what he’s doing, like he doesn’t even hear them.

I’ll probably regret asking this but I do anyway. “So what does it say about me?”

He stops typing and looks at me. “What are we talking about?”

“Being a front rower. What does it say about me?”

“That you’re smart. That you like to learn. Or it could just mean you have a crush on your teacher. Mr. Combs IS pretty hot.”

I laugh as he goes back to typing.

“So what are you?” I ask. “Also a front rower?”

“I don’t fit in a category. I mix it up. Sometimes the front, sometimes the middle, sometimes the back.”

“You have to have a reason for choosing your seat. You just said everyone has to make a decision when they walk in the room. So how do you decide?”

“I sit wherever the prettiest girl is. If she’s in front, I sit in front.” He says it casually, his eyes on his laptop.

Is he saying I’m the prettiest girl in class? Is he kidding? I’m nowhere near the prettiest, especially today. My hair is even more staticky than normal. And since Wesley made me walk him to class, I didn’t get a chance to stop in the bathroom to run a dryer sheet through my hair, so now it keeps sticking to my face.

“What’s taking the teacher so long?” I ask, pretending I didn’t hear Wesley’s comment. I’m not comfortable with compliments, if that’s what he meant it to be. Or maybe he was just joking. It’s hard to tell with him.

“You don’t believe me,” he says as he takes off his blazer.

What is with this guy? Does he have a mind reading program on that laptop of his? He always seems to know what I’m thinking.

Choosing not to respond, I open my history book and pretend to read.

Then suddenly, I feel a rush of warm breath by my ear as he says in a low voice, “You’re definitely the prettiest.”

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The Geek and The Goddess

Releasing August 7th in ebook and paperback! 

young adult romance

People always say they wish they could predict the future. But not me. I already know my future. I’m going to lose my sight. I don’t know exactly when, but it’s going to happen. And it’s the reason I’ll never fall in love.

At least that’s what I thought. Until one day a guy walks into my chem class and changes all that.

I thought for sure he’d avoid me after he saw how people at school treat me. The teasing. The nicknames. Just being seen with me is enough to ruin his reputation, yet this guy still wanted to date me. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

That’s how it began. How it ended is not at all what I expected. Ours is an unlikely love story.