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I used to have the dream. Big house. Nice car. A boyfriend who promised me forever.

Turns out the dream wasn’t real. And when I found out, I was left with nothing.

Now I’m trying to start over. Make a new life. After what happened, I’ll never trust anyone again, especially a guy.

So when Miles asked me out, I turned him down. And when he tried to help me, I wouldn’t accept it. I couldn’t. Accepting help from a guy is how I ended up on the streets. And besides, Miles and I don’t make sense. He’s a lawyer and I’m living in an alley, getting food from the trash, trying to get my life back.

But I really like Miles. He’s kind, funny, and incredibly handsome. Seeing him is the best part of my day. The only time I truly feel happy.

If only I could believe this was real. My heart does, but my head knows better. The memories are still there, haunting me.

I want to be with Miles, but what if it’s like last time? What if he’s too good to be true?

The Jade Series

"It's more than a love story, it's mysterious and really captures you in a way that pulls you away from daily life. It's almost consuming and has such raw emotion."
Amazon Review
of The Jade Series
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