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I hadn’t even unpacked my things before my prim and proper grandmother issued me a warning: “Stay away from the neighbor!” 

So of course, I raced over to meet him.

Tyler’s the typical bad boy—hot as sin and not the least bit friendly—but I think I can win him over. We could at least be friends, although I wouldn’t be opposed to more. After breaking up with my cheating fiancé, a short fling with a bad boy is just what I need.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s not looking for that. He’s only here to visit his grandfather, who my grandmother can’t stand. To say she doesn’t like the Hooster men is an understatement.

But there’s something about Tyler that makes it hard to stay away. He keeps telling me he’ll break my heart, but it can’t be broken if I don’t fall in love. 

So that’s my plan. I’ll be with Tyler but keep my heart out of it.

If only it were that simple.


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"It's more than a love story, it's mysterious and really captures you in a way that pulls you away from daily life. It's almost consuming and has such raw emotion."
Amazon Review
of The Jade Series