Better if he goes


Better If He Goes

Nate is my best friend. So when he tells me he loves me, it breaks my heart to tell him I don’t feel the same way.

What’s even worse? I’ve fallen for his cousin, Brad, who’s staying with Nate for the summer. I thought we’d all be friends, until I realized Brad and I were so much more.

If Nate found out I’m dating Brad, he’d never forgive me. I don’t want to lose my best friend, but I also don’t want to lose Brad. 

All I wanted was to kick back and relax before starting med school. Hang out with Nate. Lifeguard at the pool. I never expected to fall in love with the one girl who was off limits.

I’d already fallen for Riley when I found out Nate loved her. Riley and I felt a connection the moment we met, the kind she never felt with Nate. 

Now I’m not sure what to do. I’m not giving up Riley, but I can’t keep lying to my cousin. How do I tell Nate I’m dating the girl he’s always wanted?

Better if he Stays

Better If He Stays

From the moment I met Brad, he made me believe my life could be better. And it was … until he left.

He asked me to go with him, but I couldn’t. I want him to follow his dreams, and I knew he wouldn’t do that if he found out what I was hiding.

I tried to get over her, even got engaged to someone else. But I couldn’t get Riley out of my head.

Then one day I get a phone call. It’s her, saying she needs to see me. 

I take the next flight, and within hours, I’m with the girl I haven’t stopped thinking about since we said goodbye four years ago.

But now I need answers. Why did she end it? And why did she call me? Why now?