New Book! Searching for Nova

We met in foster care.
Easton’s parents died. Mine didn’t want me.

Easton got adopted by rich people who gave him everything.
I got stuck with a man who only wanted me for the monthly check.

Twelve years went by. I thought I’d never see Easton again.
When I do, he isn’t the sweet boy I knew in foster care.
He’s a rich snob with friends who treat me like dirt.

He says he wants to help me.
I don’t need his help.
He left me behind.
I’m not letting him back in my life only to have him leave me again.

I’ve been searching for Nova for 12 years.
When I finally find her, she wants nothing to do with me.

She says I’m someone else now.
And I am, but not when I’m with her.
She reminds me of who I used to be, the part of me I lost.

I didn’t ask to be rich.
The fancy cars? The prep school?
It’s not me.

Why can’t you see that, Nova?
The boy you knew is still here. I’m just older now, and I love you.
And I promise, I’ll never leave you again.