Still Love You

Still Love You is a standalone new adult romance that releases in February! It’s about Willow, Lilly Kensington’s friend, but you don’t have to read Lilly to read Willow’s book.
Still Love You by Allie EverhartStill Love You
Willow has had her life planned out since she was a little girl. So when her boyfriend, Silas, proposed when they were still in high school, she turned him down. Marrying Silas was not part of the plan.

Unlike Willow, Silas lives in the moment and lets his heart guide his decisions so he had no hesitations when he asked Willow to marry him. When she said no, he needed to get away so he took off to do volunteer work overseas.

Willow assumed she’d never see Silas again so she’s shocked when he shows up at her dorm room. For the past two years, she’s tried to forget him. Tried to move on. But she can’t. He was her first love. Her only love.

She still loves Silas, but is convinced they can’t be together. They want different things in life. It would never work. So why can’t she stop loving him?
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