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Still Love You is a standalone new adult romance featuring Willow, Lilly Kensington’s friend, and Silas, the guy Willow was briefly engaged to back in high school. It’s been two years since Willow last saw Silas, and despite telling herself she’s moved on, the truth is she still loves him.

This was such a fun story to write! This couple has great chemistry, and although they have very different personalities, they work well together. It’s a sweet and happy love story. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Ordering Pizza

Still Love You by Allie EverhartA scene from Still Love You, a standalone new adult romance.

“Are you decent?” I yell outside Silas’ door.

“Depends on how you define that.” He yells back.

I open the door and see him standing there in jeans, but shirtless, just like he was on the farm. His hair is wet but now it’s because he just showered. He smells good. Clean and fresh with a hint of cologne.

“You gonna put on a shirt?” I ask.

“I’m still hot from being outside so I thought I’d just leave it off.” He grins. “Is that a problem?”

He’s evil. No girl can resist a hot shirtless man fresh from the shower. Except me. I’m stronger than most. I can resist him.

“Not a problem at all, although it seems unsanitary to eat without a shirt, hence the no-shirt, no-service rule at restaurants.”

“We’re not at a restaurant. And it’s not unsanitary. I just showered. I’m even cleaner than you.”

I huff. “That’s not true! I showered this morning. I’m very clean.”

“Let me see.” He steps up to me, his hands grasping my waist as he bends his head down to my neck. His lips graze my skin as he inhales, making me shiver.

“What are you doing?”

He exhales his warm breath over my neck. “You smell good.”

“Thanks. Now will you move, please?”

I was tempted to turn my head and kiss him but I didn’t. Excellent self control. Score one for Willow.

He slowly backs away.

“I really think you should put a shirt on.” It’s a lie. I don’t want him covering up those incredible abs, but my self-control is winning out, keeping me from doing something I shouldn’t.

He gives me a smug smile, then walks over to his dresser and pulls out a white t-shirt. Damn. I’m a sucker for jeans and a white t-shirt, which he knows. He takes his time pulling the shirt over his head, the movement causing his ab muscles to flex. Holy crap, that’s hot.

“Is this better?” He stands there, his arms at his sides, looking completely irresistible.

“Sure. Whatever.” I turn away from him and get my phone out. “What kind of pizza do you want?”

“Sausage and pepperoni. I’m craving meat.”

“No green peppers? Mushrooms?”

“Add whatever you want. Just not anchovies.”

“Gross. I hate anchovies.” I call the pizza place, but get a message that the number is no longer in service. “Silas, is Pizza Village closed?”

“Yeah. It closed last month.” I feel him come up behind me, his arms going around me, brushing against my chest as he takes my phone and types in a number. “This place is good.”

I order the pizza, then turn around and face him. “You could’ve just given me the number.”

He smiles. “I could’ve.”

He’s taking this flirting up a notch. Time to give it right back.

I slip my hands under his shirt, along his abs, and give him a flirtatious smile. “So, what should we do while we wait?”

He chuckles. “I know what you’re doing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s not going to work.” He grasps me around the waist. “It’ll just make me do this all the more.”

“Do what?”

He leans down and kisses me. A bold, assertive kiss. A kiss that buckles my knees and leaves me breathless. Then he pulls away, waits a moment, then says, “Would you like me to take the shirt off? It seems to be in your way.”

I look down and see my hands are now halfway up his shirt, my fingers splayed out over his chest. I quickly yank them away.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“No problem.” That smug grin appears again. “Maybe we should eat out back. Otherwise it’ll smell like pizza in here for a week. Doesn’t make for the greatest atmosphere.”

“Why do you care about the atmosphere? Are you having people over?”

“Just one.” He kisses my cheek, then takes my hand, tugging me out of his room and down the hall.

“You’re being very strange.”

“Good. I’d hate to be normal. Normal is boring.”

I like this new Silas even better than old one, and that’s saying a lot because I really liked the old one.

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Silas Wants Willow Back

Still Love You by Allie EverhartA scene from Still Love You…

Once we’re seated, I say, “You can go out with her. My mom could probably come pick me up.” I pluck a blade of grass from the lawn and run it between my fingers, focusing on its smooth texture to distract myself from the hurt I’m feeling right now.

“I don’t want to go out with Kristy. I told you, I had no idea she’d even be here.”

“She came with Trent. She was obviously here because of you.” I toss the blade of grass aside and lie down on the blanket, knees bent, my eyes on the bright moon above us.

“But I didn’t know that until just now. When I talked to Trent earlier, he didn’t say he was bringing Kristy here tonight. He shouldn’t have done that. He thought he was helping me, but…”

“Helping you?” I sigh. “Silas, you’ve never needed help getting a date.”

“That’s not what I meant.” He lies next to me, propped up on his side. “He was trying to make me feel better. Trying to get my mind off things.”

“What things?”

He looks down and pauses for so long that I think he’s not going to answer, but then says, “Today was really hard.”

“Why? What do you mean?” I think I already know why but I want to hear his answer.

“It was hard seeing you again.” He looks up at me. “It’s not that I didn’t want to see you. I did. I’ve been wanting to see you for two years. It’s just that…once I did, I wanted things to go back to how they used to be and…I know they can’t.”

I feel wetness in the corners of my eyes because I can feel the hurt in his voice and I can see it in his face. And because I feel the same way. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to go back to how things were. The moment he appeared at my door, I wanted to run up and hug him and tell him how much I missed him.

“So Trent was trying to get you to move on?” I ask.

“In his own idiotic way, yes.”

“Maybe you should. Move on.” I choke on the words because it’s not what I want. But I love Silas, and I want him to be happy, and in order to do that, he needs to move on.

A long pause lingers between us.

“Is that really what you want?” he asks. “For me to move on?”

I swallow past the lump in my throat. “Yes.”

“If you wanted me to move on, then why did you get so upset when Kristy asked me to go out with her?”

“I was angry because you invited me here and then a girl showed up. It was just a misunderstanding.”

“You know I’d never do that to you. I would never plan some elaborate scheme in order to try to make you jealous.”

“I know,” I whisper.

He brushes the back of his hand over my cheek. “Willow, I need you to be honest with me. I need you to tell me how you really feel. What you really want. I need to know if there’s any hope for us. If you’d even consider the idea of us getting back together.”

God, this is so hard. Being around him makes me want to go back to how things were, but eventually I’d have to break up with him. I already did that once and it was hard enough back then. I can’t do it again. I don’t want to have to close that door a second time.

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Flirting & Burgers

Still Love You by Allie EverhartHere’s a scene from Still Love You that takes place right after Silas gets Willow from college. On their way home, they stop for a burger.
“Why were you flirting with her?” Willow asks. “You don’t live here. It’s not like you could date her.”

“I wasn’t flirting. I was just giving her my order.” I stretch my legs out under the table, letting them brush against Willow’s.

She crosses her legs and turns to me. “You were giving her the Silas smile. No girl can resist that and you know it. You were definitely flirting.”

“Why do you care?” I nudge her leg with mine and keep it there. I know I shouldn’t keep touching her but I can’t help it. I haven’t seen her forever and now that she’s here, I have this need to touch her, even in just an innocent way. I’m a very tactile person. Touch is a way I communicate, sometimes without even knowing it.

“I don’t care,” she says in a tone that implies the opposite. “Do what you want. I just don’t think you should flirt with some girl you have no intention of asking out. You’re leading her on.”

“A person can flirt without having it go anywhere.”

“Then what’s the purpose?”

Typical Willow logic at work. She has to have an answer to everything. An answer that makes sense to her.

“There doesn’t have to be a purpose.” I know that comment will get her going, but I put it out there anyway.

“Of course there does. You can’t just do something for no reason.”

“Fine.” I lean across the table and give her that Silas smile she was referring to. “I flirted with her so she’d get your order correct. I’m sure they’re not used to having to follow such specific guidelines for making a burger. I was just making sure they got it right.”

She sighs. “I appreciate your efforts but you don’t have to resort to selling your body just to get my order correct.”

I laugh and sit back. “I wasn’t selling my body. It was just a smile.”

“I think that girl would like more than that.” Willow holds up the receipt, which has a phone number written on back with the words ‘call me.’

“Huh. I wondered what she wrote on there.” I take the receipt and shove it in my pocket.

“You’re keeping it?” Willow looks disgusted with me.

I shrug. “You never know.”

“Never know what?”

Before I can answer, our food arrives, delivered by a short, scrawny kid who doesn’t look legally old enough to work. He’s probably the little brother of the girl at the register. They look similar.

“Wait.” Willow stops him before he leaves. “Could you get us another cup for the milkshake? And another straw?”

He nods and walks off.

I set the basket of fries between us as Willow inspects her burger, lifting the top of the bun.

“Is it the way you wanted it?” I ask.

“Yes. It’s perfect.” She puts the bun back in place. “But your flirting trick didn’t completely work. She forgot the cup and the straw.”

“That’s because you asked for that, not me.” I smile, then take a big bite of my burger.

“Whatever,” she mumbles, picking up a fry.

She eats fries one at a time, whereas I grab several and eat them all at once. That’s why we always shared an order. It would take Willow forever to finish a basket of fries on her own, eating them one at a time like that.

I wonder if she shares her fries when she goes out with other guys. I try not to think about that. Thinking about her with another guy makes me angry and I never get angry. Except when it comes to Willow. She brings out all my emotions. The good, the bad, the in-between. This girl gets to me the way no one else can.

When I left two years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again, and now, working for her parents, I’ll see her every day.

This is going to be a very interesting summer.

Still Love You is available in both ebook and paperback

First Sneak Peek of Still Love You

Still Love You by Allie EverhartStill Love You, the story of Willow and Silas, releases Feb. 14th!

“How’s college?” Silas asks.

We’ve been driving in silence for the past half hour. Silas isn’t much of a talker. I guess that’s not really true. It’s just that compared to me, who talks a lot, it seems like Silas doesn’t talk much. But I’ve been unusually quiet since he showed up because I’ve been too shocked to speak. I still can’t believe he’s here.

“It’s great,” I say. “I like the campus. I like my classes. The professors are good.”

I’d normally talk for hours about each one of those things, but right now my mind isn’t on school. It’s on Silas and how I’m going to survive the summer with him being around me every day.

“That’s it?” He glances over at me. “I thought that one question would keep you talking until we got home.”

“I guess I’m just tired.” I shiver from the cold air blowing on me.

Silas notices and turns it off. “So what else is new? I haven’t talked to you forever.”

“It’s only been two years,” I say softly, now regretting it’s been so long. It’s my fault we haven’t talked. Silas called me every day after he left, but I wouldn’t answer. I couldn’t. It was too hard to hear his voice. Eventually, his calls dwindled to once a week, and I still wouldn’t answer. Then it got down to just one call a month, and again, I didn’t answer.

“Two years is a long time.” His gaze is on the road ahead of us, his hand wrapped around the steering wheel, his thumb lightly tapping it. “Friends shouldn’t go two years without talking.”

Silas and I were more than friends. So much more. Which is why I couldn’t answer his calls.

I pull my seatbelt out enough for me to turn toward him. “Silas, I’m sorry for not returning your calls.”

He shrugs his shoulder. “Forget it. It’s the past.”

“It’s not the past. You called just a few weeks ago and…I should’ve answered.”

“So why didn’t you?” His thumb continues to tap the steering wheel as his eyes briefly check the side mirror.

“I um…” This is hard to explain. And I don’t want to. Telling him why I didn’t answer his calls would mean telling him the truth, and I can’t do that. It would only lead to us both getting hurt. Again. “I just didn’t think it was a good idea…since we’re not together anymore.”

It’s partially true. I knew talking to him would be way too hard, at least for me. I was trying to move on. Trying to get over him. But even without answering his calls, I’m still not over him.

The truth—the real reason I didn’t talk to him—is that I still love him. It’s been two years since we broke up, but I still love Silas.

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Willow Scene from Lilly

Still Love You by Allie EverhartStill Love You, which releases 2/14, is about Willow and Silas. Willow is Lilly Kensington’s friend. If you didn’t read the Lilly book, here’s a scene from that book that’ll give you some background about Willow and Silas, (told from Lilly’s POV).

“Hey, Lilly.” Willow walks in, holding a cup of coffee. Following behind her is a man I assume is her father. “I see you met my mom.”
“Yeah, we were just talking.” I stand up as her dad approaches me.
“I’m Carl, Willow’s dad.” He smiles and shakes my hand. He’s wearing khaki pants and a dark green, button-up shirt. He has curly brown hair and wire-rimmed glasses. He doesn’t look as much like a hippie as his wife does, except for his leather sandals.
“We’re going for breakfast later if you’d like to join us,” Candace says, standing next to her husband.
“Thanks, but I have to get some homework done before my parents get here.”
“Mom, Lilly wants one of Diane’s bracelets,” Willow says. “Do you think you could send her one when you get home?”
“Willow, you know Diane would send you one herself. Just call and ask her.”
Willow looks down at her coffee. “I can’t.”
“Honey, it’s been over a year,” Candace says. “Diane misses you. She’d love to hear from you.”
“I spoke with Silas last week,” Carl announces.
Willow’s head whips up. “What? When?”
He shrugs. “Monday, maybe?” He looks at Candace. “What day was it? Do you remember?”
Willow’s getting more anxious by the second, her eyes bouncing between her mom and dad. I think they’re dragging this out on purpose to see how she reacts. And from her reaction, it’s clear she still has feelings for Silas.
“I think it was Tuesday,” Candace says. “Then again, it might’ve been Wednesday.”
“Who cares what day it was,” Willow says, moving her hands around, spilling some of her coffee. “What did he say?”
Her dad smiles a little. “Not much.”
“Not much? That’s it? He hasn’t talked to you in over a year and when he finally does, he has nothing to say?”
“He had things to say. Just not much.” Carl sips his coffee.
Willow stares at her dad, waiting for him to continue, but he doesn’t and it’s driving her crazy. I can tell she’s dying to know more but she doesn’t want to ask. But her curiosity wins out. “Just tell me what he said.”
“Let me think for a moment.” He pauses. “Well, he asked about you.”
“He did?” There’s excitement in her voice, but she clears her throat like she’s trying to cover it up. “What did he want to know?”
“How you’re doing. How college is going.”
“And what did you tell him?”
“I said you’re doing well. Enjoying college.”
She nervously bites her thumbnail. “I don’t know why he cares.”
“He still considers you a friend,” Candace says. “And you WERE engaged to him.”
I look at her. “You were?”
She waves her hand around. “For like a week. That doesn’t even count as an engagement. I was only 17. I don’t even know why I said yes.”
“I know why.” Candace smiles at her.
Willow rolls her eyes. “What else did he say?”
“He said he might be coming back this summer to work on the farm.”
Willow’s eyes bug out and she almost drops her coffee. “OUR farm?”
“Yes,” her mom answers. “And we’d be happy to have him. He’s a hard worker.”
“You told him yes?” she asks her dad.
“I told him he has the job if he’d like it. He said he’ll let me know later. Right now he’s doing volunteer farm work for some villages in Nepal.”
“I thought he was hiking.”
“No. He’s been doing volunteer work for the past year,” Carl says. “You’d know that if you’d call him once in a while.”
“Or answer his calls,” Candace says.
“He still calls you?” I ask.
She doesn’t hear me, her focus still on her parents. “You can’t hire him, Dad. If you do, where am I supposed to live this summer?”
“You’d live with us.” Her mom laughs. “What kind of silly question is that?”
“I can’t—” Willow’s completely flustered. She walks over to her desk and sets her coffee down. “I don’t know why we’re even talking about this. He’s never coming back. You know Silas. He always makes plans and never follows through.”
“He used to be that way,” Carl says, “but he’s grown up a lot the past year. Living on his own and traveling the world has matured him.”
“Yeah, I’m sure it has,” Willow mumbles. She straightens up and looks at her parents. “So are we ready for breakfast?”
They smile at her. Big, wide smiles. They accomplished their goal. They got Willow all riled up about Silas. And it was hilarious. And informative. Willow was engaged? And Silas still calls her? We’re definitely going to talk about this later.
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Still Love You

Still Love You is a standalone new adult romance that releases in February! It’s about Willow, Lilly Kensington’s friend, but you don’t have to read Lilly to read Willow’s book.
Still Love You by Allie EverhartStill Love You
Willow has had her life planned out since she was a little girl. So when her boyfriend, Silas, proposed when they were still in high school, she turned him down. Marrying Silas was not part of the plan.

Unlike Willow, Silas lives in the moment and lets his heart guide his decisions so he had no hesitations when he asked Willow to marry him. When she said no, he needed to get away so he took off to do volunteer work overseas.

Willow assumed she’d never see Silas again so she’s shocked when he shows up at her dorm room. For the past two years, she’s tried to forget him. Tried to move on. But she can’t. He was her first love. Her only love.

She still loves Silas, but is convinced they can’t be together. They want different things in life. It would never work. So why can’t she stop loving him?
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