Anyone But Her

It’s here! Anyone But Her, a forbidden romance featuring Taylor and Luke! Taylor is Lilly Kensington’s friend from the Lilly book, but Anyone But Her can be read as a standalone. Amazon Apple Books B&N Kobo

Cover Reveal! Anyone But Her

Anyone But Her is a standalone forbidden romance about Taylor and Luke. If you read the Lilly books, Taylor was one of Lilly Kensington’s friends. In this book, she’s home on summer break and Luke, her brother’s best friend, is … Read More

What’s coming in 2019?

As 2018 comes to a close, I want to wish you all a happy holiday season and Happy New Year! This past year was one of books filled with romance and suspense, with Secrets Kept and Secrets Told, a duet … Read More

Road Trouble is Here!

Ready for Road Trouble? This book is one of my favorites! There’s so much going on! Enemies to lovers, family drama, funny side characters, an alpha male with a mysterious past. I had the idea for this story a long … Read More

Scene from Road Trouble

Against my better judgment, I back the car up and pull into Miller’s driveway. The guy has his back to me, but turns when he hears the loud rumbling engine of my car as it pulls up beside him. “Hey,” … Read More

Pre-Order Road Trouble

Ready to meet Kyle? Releasing November 6th! Pre-Order now by clicking below. Amazon Apple Books The guy is trouble. Smoking hot, mysterious, and the last thing I need right now. When I found him on that dusty country road with … Read More

Road Trouble Book Blurb

Releasing November 6th! SAGE Seeing a guy walking alongside a broken-down motorcycle on a deserted country road screams trouble. Bright red warning signs telling you to stay away. So what do I do? Go up and talk to him. Offer … Read More