Book News!

My next book will be a standalone about Amber and Dylan, friends of Austin and Kira from More to Us, book 4 of the Wheeler Brothers. If you haven’t read that book, you don’t need to, but if you want … Read More

Holding On: Raincoat or Umbrella Scene

Holding On releases August 28th! Here’s a sneak peek! Becca “Raincoat or umbrella?” Ethan asks. “I don’t get the question.” “When it rains, would you rather have a raincoat or an umbrella? Assuming you could only have one.” “Raincoat,” I … Read More

Book Blurb for Holding On

Up until that night, everything was perfect. I’d just finished my junior year, been named one of the best college football players in the country, and had a smokin’ hot girl on my lap in the back of my buddy’s … Read More

Lilly and Reed: Garret’s POV

Here’s a short teaser from Lilly and Reed, written from Garret’s POV. GARRET I glance back at the house and see my mom in the kitchen with Jade. They’re each holding one of the twins while the girls dance around. … Read More