Road Trouble is Here!

Ready for Road Trouble?
This book is one of my favorites! There’s so much going on! Enemies to lovers, family drama, funny side characters, an alpha male with a mysterious past. I had the idea for this story a long time ago but the idea was really just the first scene, where a girl stops to help a guy on a deserted country road. He tells her to go away but she doesn’t, which angers him and they end up fighting. That scene stuck with me a long time. I was curious what the guy’s story was and why he got so angry when she tried to help. I finally wrote out the scene and from there it took off! I came to really love these characters—Kyle and Sage, but also Sage’s friend Nina and her boyfriend Josh. Those two are hilarious and might need their own book! Kyle’s backstory is heartbreaking but explains why he ended up in that town. And there’s a surprise twist near the end, because I love those!

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