Scene from Lilly – Date or Not?

lillyLilly is releasing in November! This book is a continuation of the Jade and Kensington books so if you haven’t read those series, do so now!
Here’s a short teaser from Lilly. (Reed is a guy in Lilly’s class at college.)

“When are we going out?” I ask.

“Saturday,” Reed says.


“Day. Can you be gone all day?”

“I don’t know. I guess I could. But don’t dates usually only last a few hours?”

He smiles. “I didn’t say it was a date, but to answer your question, as far as I know, there aren’t any time limits on dates. They can be as short or as long as you want.”

My face is burning up. Why did I assume it was a date? Now I feel like an idiot. But he made it sound like a date.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I ask.

“No.” A leaf blows on his leg and he brushes it off.

“So you, um…you don’t date?”

“I date.”


He chuckles. “Yes. I date girls.”

He’s making me work way too hard for this and he’s loving every minute of it. I feel my face heating up again. I’m embarrassed to ask this but I have to know.

“So why isn’t Saturday a date?”

“Because I don’t date girls who are dating someone else.”

“I’m not really dating Preston. We went on one date.”

“And you’re going on another. And he’s already acting possessive of you, like he’s your boyfriend. I don’t get involved in that shit. It’s too much drama and I have enough drama in my life. I like you, Lilly, but I’m not going to get in a fight with that asshole in order to date you.” He takes a drink of his Mountain Dew.

“If this isn’t a date, then why did you ask if Preston was my boyfriend?”

“Because if you weren’t seeing him again, I would’ve made it a date. But since you’re still dating that guy, we’ll just be two friends hanging out.”

“How would it have been different if it were a date?”

He grins. “Guess you’ll never know, now will you?”

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