Lilly, A Kensington Family Novel

lillyComing Soon!!
Lilly Kensington, daughter of billionaire Pearce Kensington, is all grown up and starting college. Before classes even start, one of the hottest guys on campus asks her out. But after a few dates, Lilly begins to question his intentions and wonders if she can trust him.

All her life, Lilly has been taught to trust no one but she isn’t sure why. And she doesn’t understand why her family is so overprotective of her. Is there something they’re not telling her?

Lilly’s mother, Katherine, is back in her life, showing interest in her daughter after years of ignoring her. Why now? What does she want? And can Lilly finally break free of the control her mother has over her?

Going to college is a new beginning for Lilly. A chance to be her own person. Make her own choices. Make decisions about her future. But is her future really hers to decide?

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2 Responses

  • Hi, I’ve just finished Lilly and it says you are writing book 2. Can you tell me when it will be avalable in the U.K. As I would love to read it. I’ve finished the Jade story’s and the Kensington set all very good.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • It will be out later this year. I’m working on it but don’t have a release date yet.

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