Iced Mocha Recipe

I LOVE coffee but in the summer I crave cool drinks so I came up with this iced mocha recipe which tastes similar to an iced mocha you would get in a coffee shop but with fewer calories.

To make mine, I used almond milk (original flavor), which has 60 calories a cup, and added a drop of almond extract for flavor. But you could use light vanilla soy milk, which is sweeter, for just 10 additional calories. Vanilla almond milk is also an option but it has more sugar and calories. Keep in mind that almond milk is low in protein so if you want more hunger-fighting protein, use vanilla soy milk.

I added a banana to naturally sweeten the drink and boost the nutrients in it. If you’re not a banana fan, you can leave the banana out but note that the banana flavor is hidden by the coffee and cocoa powder. This drink has about 200 calories (using original almond milk), but it makes a generous 16-ounce serving. If you make it without the banana it has just 100 calories (a lot less than the coffee shop version, which can have 300-500 calories!)

Iced Mocha
½ cup cold coffee
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
1 cup almond milk (original or vanilla) or light vanilla soy milk
1 small ripe banana
1 cup ice

Place coffee, cocoa powder, almond milk, banana and ice in a blender and blend until combined.