Ten Facts About The Samantha Project Trilogy

Today I was cleaning out some old files and I came across this list I made for a blog tour I had last spring. If you’re familiar with the series you might already know this stuff. If so, feel free to forward it on to a friend who might be interested.

1. The Golden Ratio is an ancient mathematical formula meant to signify perfection. You can see it in nature, including human DNA. It’s also found in the works of Da Vinci and other famous artists as well as the pyramids and the Greek Parthenon.

2. GlobalLife Genetics is a multinational corporation that started the genetic enhancement research which is now known as The Samantha Project. The project is funded by The Founders, an elite secret society made up of world leaders, top military personnel, and other powerful and extremely wealthy individuals.

3. Erik excels in math and is skilled at solving secret codes. His code-solving is what opens an encrypted file that unlocks a huge secret about what’s in his and Samantha’s cells.

4. Samantha and Erik both have enhanced genes, giving them similar powers. But Samantha has additional powers because GlobalLife had access to her for so many years. For example, she has dreams about future events but Erik does not. She also has scenario streaming, in which her brain tells her how to get out of dangerous situations in times of stress.

5. Samantha and Erik can both read and interrupt brain waves (read minds) but Samantha’s is better at replicating brainwaves, a skill that will prove useful in the future.

6. Everyone has the base codes A, T, C and G in their DNA. But Sam and Erik have two more unique base codes in certain sections of their enhanced genes. The source of these base codes is revealed in The Golden Couple.

7. GlobalLife inserted a genetic time bomb to go on Sam and Erik when they turn 20. If the timing device goes off, Sam and Erik will be killed instantly. They need to find a way to turn it off fast because Erik is just a few months away from his 20th birthday.

8. Everyone has a unique brain wave pattern, much like a fingerprint. Because of that, you can use someone’s brain waves as a security device. It’s called brain wave fingerprint technology and it’s used at GlobalLife Genetics as well as in real life.

9. Since GlobalLife had access to Samantha growing up, they were able to constantly monitor and adjust the software inside her genes. Every time she went to the doctor, she was really getting treated by a GlobalLife employee. Even her “perfect, never-does-anything-wrong” personality was software driven. When GlobalLife loses track of her, her true personality can finally come out.

10. Nanoparticles are so tiny that they can cross cell membranes. The microcomputers running inside Samantha and Erik are the size of nanoparticles. These computers run the software that controls Samantha’s and Erik’s genes.