Erik’s POV: Spending the Night with Brittany

For all the Erik fans out there, the genetically engineered hottie is back to tell you more of his side of the story. Note: This includes SPOILERS for those of you who haven’t read book 1, The Samantha Project. 

The following scene takes place during the third chapter of The Golden Couple. Did you ever wonder what went on when Erik and Brittany spent the night together in that motel room? Here’s what happened, from Erik’s POV . . .
“I guess I’m staying over here tonight,” I say as I walk into Brittany’s motel room. “Sam wants to stay with Colin.”

“He’s her boyfriend. She should stay over there.” Brittany’s sitting in the middle of one of the beds, leaning back on her hands.

Damn, she just looks like Sam. They’re freaking identical now that Brittany doesn’t have her makeup or her hair straightener. Looks aside, Brittany and Sam couldn’t be more different. Sam is quiet and reserved, especially when it comes to her feelings for me. If I couldn’t read her mind I’d think she had no interest in me. Brittany on the other hand has never hidden the fact she’s into me as well as half the other guys in Comfort. The girl has been all over me since I walked into her trailer a few days ago.

“Can you sit with me?” She tilts her head and swings her long dark hair behind her.

“Yeah, sure.” I almost tell her no, but it’s not like she’s gonna try to make a move so soon after the incident at the trailer. She’s still traumatized, right? She has to be.

I sit on the edge of her bed and the saggy mattress sinks, practically rolling Brittany into me.

“You need to come to the middle.” She scoots over and pats the spot next to her.

As soon I’m situated she moves closer, sliding under my arm and wrapping her hand around my waist just above my belt. I tense up for a moment, thinking that maybe she’s not as traumatized as I thought. I relax when she rests her head on my chest like she’s going to sleep. That’s fine. I can handle her sleeping on me.

“Erik?” She lifts her head, gazing at me with those deep brown eyes that are exactly like Sam’s. “Did you ever notice me back home? I know you said hi to me now and then, but did you ever think of asking me out?” My eyes shift to her soft, full lips and for a moment I swear I’m looking at Sam. I lean down like I’m going to kiss her, then catch myself and quickly pull back.

Shit! This twin thing is really messing with my head. And other parts of me, too. Yeah, that’s probably the wrong reaction to be having right now, but what the hell? I’m 19. I can’t help what it does. I try to sit up a little more and shift over to hide it, but Brittany has now glued her body to my side, her hand still on my lower abs. I swear she moved that hand even lower.

“I wasn’t supposed to date, remember? So no, I didn’t think about asking you out, Brittany.”

“But you noticed me, right? I mean, you like Sam so you must’ve been at least somewhat attracted to me.”

The girl has serious self esteem issues and I’m not gonna be the one to tear her down even more. She had enough of that with her mom and her ex.

“You’re beautiful, Brittany, but I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend.” I pause. “I’m still not.”

“Well, maybe you just haven’t met the right girl.” She moves her hand under my shirt and along my chest and places her face just inches below mine. Again I imagine it’s Sam and not Brittany. It causes more movement below the belt and I quickly swing my legs to the side of the bed in an attempt to sit up. Brittany clings to me. “Where are you going?”

“I have to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

She finally lets me go and slumps back on the bed. When I come out again, she’s in her pajamas, or at least what she’s considering to be pajamas. She’s in one of the t-shirts my dad bought her. It doesn’t fully cover her ass and when she gets off the bed I can see her striped panties. At least they’re bikinis. I figured Brittany would be a thong girl.

“Do you want to watch TV?” She grabs the remote from the top of the dresser and goes back to her bed. She has the two pillows placed vertically against the headboard like I’m supposed to sit there again. I pretend not to notice and sink down into the other bed, putting my feet up.

“Aren’t you going to sit with me?” She has this flirtatious tone and I almost feel sorry for her. She doesn’t need to act this way to get a guy. She tries way too hard. Guys don’t like it to be this easy. At least I don’t. I like the challenge of pursuing a girl. That’s another reason I like Sam. She doesn’t make it easy, although with Colin back, she’s made it nearly impossible. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate, Brittany.” I remain on my own bed, crossing my arms over my chest.

She pouts, which I’m guessing she thinks is sexy, but it’s not. “Why? We’re just watching TV.”

“You’re hardly wearing any clothes.” I don’t look at her when I say it. “You need to put something on if you want me to sit over there.”

She gets off her bed and pounces down next to me, sitting up on her knees and giving me a hug. “Erik, you’re such a gentleman. If I dressed like this around any other guy we’d be doing it right now.”

“Yeah, well, we’re not doing it so put something on.”

She kisses my cheek before crawling off the bed. After she puts some shorts on, I move back over to her bed, leaning against one of the pillows she has propped up.

“Can I wear your sweatshirt, Erik? It’s kind of cold in here.”

“Sure.” When I say it her face beams like I’d told her she’d won a prize or something.

She grabs my sweatshirt from the chair, then joins me on the bed. Now that I’ve established the ground rules, I let her lay on me and eventually she falls asleep. I fall asleep, too, with the TV still on. So technically, we slept together, just not the way Brittany intended.

In the morning, I shower and dress while Brittany sleeps. When I come out of the bathroom, she’s watching TV. “Your dad’s outside with Sam. You want to go see what they’re talking about?”

I walk over to the door and go outside. “What are you guys doing out here?” I ask. “How’s Colin?”

“Colin’s much better,” Jack answers. “Sam and I were just talking. We’re going to get some food from the van. Are you hungry?”

“I am.” Brittany walks up behind me, still wearing my sweatshirt. It’s so big it hangs on her like a dress, covering the shorts she’s wearing and making it look like she has nothing on underneath.

My mind is instantly flooded with Sam’s jealousy. It jolts my brain the second she sees Brittany appear behind me. So Sam’s jealous, huh? Good. Now she knows how it feels when I have to see her all over Colin.

“Brittany, what happened to your pajamas?” Sam asks. I don’t even have to read her mind to know she’s jealous. I can see it on her face and hear it in her tone.

“I couldn’t find them so Erik let me borrow his sweatshirt.” Brittany grabs my arm and I let her, happy to play along. She smiles up at me and I smile back.

“How are you feeling today, Brittany?” Jack asks.

“I didn’t sleep well. But it helped to have Erik there with me.” Brittany inches up closer to me and I feel Sam’s jealousy skyrocket.

I’m enjoying this way too much.

Jack shoots me a look, like Brittany’s comment is implying we had sex. I’ll definitely be getting a lecture later. But for now, I continue to play along.

“She was having nightmares about what happened,” I say, purposely being vague to leave Sam wondering what went on between Brittany and me.

“I’ll sleep in your room tonight, Brittany,” Sam offers.

So she’d rather room with Brittany than Colin? She must really believe I did something with her sister. The thoughts aren’t in her head so I can’t tell for sure but I feel her jealousy getting stronger by the minute.

I decide to give her a break and change the subject. “So we’re staying another night?” I ask Jack.

“We have to. I want to see how Colin does today. If he keeps progressing like he has overnight, then we’ll leave tomorrow. We’ll get an early start.”

“I’m gonna go clean up,” Sam says. She abruptly turns and walks back into her room.

Interesting. Sam can’t stand seeing me with Brittany and yet she acts like she wants nothing to do with me. It just confirms that Sam and I aren’t over.

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  • I absolutely LOVE Erik’s POV and the samantha project series!! My mom showed me the book and said I should read it and I was hooked from the first chapter of the first book!! Such a great read and very well worth my time!!

    • Thanks Madi! Some readers have asked from an entire book from Erik’s POV and if I ever do a continuation of the series, I might actually do that for at least part of the book. I think there’s a lot more to Erik that we don’t know about since we only hear Sam’s POV.

      • That’s a great idea. I can picture a book with one chapter by Eric and then by Sam and so on. I really enjoyed this short POV by Eric, it’s quite entertaining 🙂 Thanks Stephanie.

        • Glad you liked it! I really like writing from Erik’s POV. I think he has his own story to tell.

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