Knowing You (Jade #2) is Now Available!

The story of Jade and Garret continues! In this book, the relationship between Jade and Garret develops even more as they move beyond their just-friends status and start dating. You’ll learn a lot more about Jade’s past and you’ll get to … Read More

Another Sneak Peek from Knowing You (Jade #2)

Here’s another excerpt from Knowing You. This one takes place in the pool, and if you read Choosing You, you know the pool kiss didn’t end well, so Garret tries again. —————————————————— He swims over and stands up right behind … Read More

Sneak Peek from Knowing You (Jade #2)

Here’s a scene from Jade and Garret’s “official” first date. ——————————————————— Garret’s cocky grin appears. “I don’t know what I was thinking letting you plan our date. You probably would’ve picked that taco stand for dinner if I let you.” “Nah. … Read More

Sneak Peek #3 of Choosing You

Another excerpt from my New Adult romance, Choosing You. ———————————————– Garret puts his phone away. “Can I come in? I’m kind of a target out here in the hall.” “A target for what?” I ask, moving aside to let him … Read More

Sneak Peek #2 of Choosing You (The Jade Series)

Here’s another excerpt from Choosing You. This scene takes place the day after Jade arrives at college. It’s Saturday and not many people have moved in the dorms yet. This is Jade’s second encounter with Garret. —————————————————— As soon as … Read More