Forever You Teaser – Garret's Box

Another scene from Forever You. This scene takes place when Jade and Garret are back in Connecticut for the Fourth of July weekend. ——————————————————— We drive into the small town that’s a few miles from campus and pass the coffee … Read More

Big News!! More Jade and Garret

I’ve gone back and forth on this a million times but I’ve finally come to a decision. And that decision is…I’m writing at least one more book after Forever You. Yes, that’s right,  ANOTHER BOOK!! or MORE! I read your … Read More

Forever You Teaser: Grocery Shopping

Teaser Time! Jade and Garret go grocery shopping. __________________________________ We start in the produce section and Garret places a bag of oranges in our cart along with some bananas. Then he picks out some apples. “Okay, Garret. I think we … Read More

Teaser from Forever You – Harper's Juice Drink

This scene is with Jade, Garret, Harper and Sean. —————————————————— Harper pokes her head out the door. “Garret, you want breakfast?” “Sure. Sean will be over any minute.” Garret laughs as we follow her to the kitchen. “I don’t think … Read More