Knowing You (Jade #2) is Now Available!

Knowing YouThe story of Jade and Garret continues!

In this book, the relationship between Jade and Garret develops even more as they move beyond their just-friends status and start dating. You’ll learn a lot more about Jade’s past and you’ll get to meet Garret’s family, which will give you an understanding of why he avoids going home.

Knowing You also takes the mystery from book one to a new level and the suspense really heats up. But this book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. It just ends with some lingering questions about Garret’s family that will be answered as the series continues.

Enjoy the book! And if you love the story of Jade and Garret, I’d be thrilled if you helped spread the word by telling a friend or leaving a review.

As for book 3, I’m editing it now but don’t have a release date yet. The cover won’t be done until early December so at this point, the release date could be anywhere from mid-December to early January but I’ll keep you updated.