BONUS Scene – First Words

I wrote this Jade and Garret BONUS scene a while back and forgot to share it! So here it is! SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read this if you haven’t read Always Us (Jade #8). Garret “I’m exhausted.” Jade plops down on … Read More

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I’ve been finding that hardly anyone sees my Facebook posts so I’m going to start posting more stuff here on my blog. I often post both places but if you only rely on Facebook for updates, you probably won’t see … Read More

Can't Let You Go – Jen and Bryce

A teaser scene with Jen and Bryce. Can’t Let You Go is a standalone new adult romance and book three of the Wheeler Brothers. BRYCE “Hey.” I move over, sitting beside her feet. “What?” she says, staring at the TV. … Read More

Scene from Can't Let You Go

Jen I don’t think Chad’s the guy for you.” Bryce says ‘Chad’ like it’s the dumbest name he’s ever heard. “Oh, really?” I say, crossing my arms. “Then who’s the right guy for me?” There it is. Another chance for … Read More

Book Blurb for Can't Let You Go

Bryce I never should’ve kissed her. It happened almost four years ago, the night of our high school graduation. I’ve always wanted to be more than friends with Jen, and after we kissed, I wanted her more than anything. But … Read More