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Email SignupI’ve been finding that hardly anyone sees my Facebook posts so I’m going to start posting more stuff here on my blog. I often post both places but if you only rely on Facebook for updates, you probably won’t see my posts.

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I’ve got lots of exciting stuff coming up that you won’t want to miss, including (maybe) a bonus scene or two featuring Jade and Garret! And I have some exciting news to share!

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  • I just read the Jade Series and I have told everyone I know about it! I stayed up until 2:30 am to finished the first book the night I started it. I told a friend that she had to read it but she reminded me she doesn’t like romance novels. The next morning she text me saying she stayed up until 3 to finish the first one!!! I read a lot but this series completely captured me. The characters seem so real and I loved the dynamic between them. I can’t wait to read more features!

  • I love your books! The jade series is amazing. I couldn’t put them down and look forward to whats next!

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