Silas Wants Willow Back

A scene from Still Love You… Willow Once we’re seated, I say, “You can go out with her. My mom could probably come pick me up.” I pluck a blade of grass from the lawn and run it between my … Read More

Flirting & Burgers

Here’s a scene from Still Love You that takes place right after Silas gets Willow from college. On their way home, they stop for a burger. ———— Silas “Why were you flirting with her?” Willow asks. “You don’t live here. It’s … Read More

First Sneak Peek of Still Love You

Still Love You, the story of Willow and Silas, releases Feb. 14th! Willow “How’s college?” Silas asks. We’ve been driving in silence for the past half hour. Silas isn’t much of a talker. I guess that’s not really true. It’s … Read More

Willow Scene from Lilly

Still Love You, which releases 2/14, is about Willow and Silas. Willow is Lilly Kensington’s friend. If you didn’t read the Lilly book, here’s a scene from that book that’ll give you some background about Willow and Silas, (told from … Read More

Still Love You

Still Love You is a standalone new adult romance that releases in February! It’s about Willow, Lilly Kensington’s friend, but you don’t have to read Lilly to read Willow’s book. ——– Still Love You Willow has had her life planned … Read More

Lilly is now LIVE

Lilly is a continuation of the Jade and Kensington series. If you haven’t read either of those series, you can still read Lilly but will get more enjoyment from the story if you’ve read those other series. If you’ve read … Read More