Scene from More to Us – the Wheeler Boys

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Here’s a scene with Austin and his brothers (contains spoilers if you haven’t read books 1-3)

A waitress who isn’t ours comes up to our table, turning to Jake and smiling. “Hey, Jake. How’ve you been?”

He was checking his phone but he glances up and finds himself eye level with her breasts. She’s got her hand on the table and is leaning forward, putting her cleavage on display. The waitresses here wear tight, low-cut white t-shirts and red shorts, and this particular waitress has freaking huge breasts.

“Hey.” Jake forces his eyes up to her face. He may be in love with Ivy but a guy can’t help but look at breasts like that, especially when they’re right in your face.

“It’s Shannon,” she says, twirling her long dark hair between her fingers. “We were together last—”

“Yeah,” he says, cutting her off. “I remember.”

I’m sure he doesn’t. Jake used to be with a different girl almost every night. There’s no way he remembers them all.

“So what have you been up to?” She bites her lip and gives him that look that says she’s ready and willing to have sex with him. She’d probably do it on her break if he wanted to.

Watching her, I get what Nash was saying. I don’t want a girl like this. A girl who just wants sex and nothing else. And I don’t like girls who are this aggressive. Maybe it’s old fashioned, but I like to be the pursuer, not the other way around. I guess that’s why I don’t date as much as I used to. Girls are always asking me out and I’m getting tired of it. For once, I’d like to be the one to ask a girl out.

“I’m with someone,” Jake says. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, right.” She laughs, but when Jake doesn’t, she says, “You really have a girlfriend? So what’s her name?”

“It’s no one you know. I met her at work.”

She stops twirling her hair, then stands up straight, pouting. “If you don’t want to be with me, just tell me. You don’t have to make up some lame excuse.”

He looks her in the eye. “I’m not lying. I have a girlfriend.”

“It’s true,” Nash says to her. “They live together. They’re practically engaged.”

“Oh.” Shannon’s eyes go to the floor, then dart over to me. “How about you? You single?”

“Yeah.” I smile at Jake. “But I don’t share girls with my brothers.”

She looks at Nash. “And I suppose you’re—”


“Well.” She fakes a smile. “Enjoy your lunch.” She hurries off.

“You see that?” Nash says to me. “You don’t want a girl like her.”

“Hey.” Jake turns to Nash. “There’s nothing wrong with Shannon. You’re just pissed because you were her third choice.” He laughs and picks up his beer. “She would’ve taken Austin before you.”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” I ask.

“She’s at least 26, maybe older. You’re like a kid to her. At least Nash is her age.” Jake chuckles. “But she picked him last.”

“It’s because I don’t give off that single vibe anymore,” Nash says, getting his wallet out. “Girls know I’m taken.”

“Whatever you need to tell yourself,” Jake says, swigging his beer.

“Shut up, idiot.” He tosses some money on the table. “Now get out of the way. I gotta use the restroom before we go.”

Jake steps out of the booth and Nash leaves just as our waitress stops by.

“Here’s your check.” She sets it down.

Jake glances at the total, then hands her the money. “It’s all set.”

“Oh, um, okay.” She looks at me, then back at the check. She sets the check down and slides it across the table to me and smiles. “In case you want a copy.”

Confused, I laugh a little and say, “Thanks.”

She takes off, her tiny ass swaying back and forth as she walks. She’s a cute blonde, but she wears too much makeup. She’d look a lot better without all that makeup.

“You gonna call her?” Jake asks.

Call her? I don’t even know her.”

He points to the check. “She gave you her number.” I look down at the check and see her phone number written on the back. “So are you calling her?”

“Probably not.” I shove her number in my pocket, thinking it’d be rude to just leave it behind. I’m not good at rejecting girls. I always feel bad.

“Why wouldn’t you call her?” Jake leans back in the booth. “She’s hot, and around your age. She seemed nice.”

“I’m tired of girls asking me out. Next time I go out, it’s gonna be with a girl I actually asked.”

He shakes his head. “You’re complaining about girls asking you out? Seriously?”

“I’m not complaining. There’s just something about having a girl ask you out that…I don’t know…I guess I just like the chase.”

“Yeah, I hear ya. Ivy’s refusal to date me just made me like her even more. But still, that waitress was hot. You should go out with her at least once. You might like her.”

Nash returns and slaps a piece of paper down on the table.

“What’s that?” Jake asks.

“A girl’s number.” He smiles. “She gave it to me as I was walking to the restroom. So there. I still got it, asshole.”

“No shit?” He picks the piece of paper up. “Where is she? Is she still here?”

“She’s at the table in the far right corner. She’s with some other girls.”

Jake spots her, then slowly smiles. “The hot redhead?”

“Yeah, how did you—“ Nash shakes his head. “Fuck. You’ve been with her.”

Jake laughs. “Just once. And it was a long time ago. Does she know you’re my brother?”

“Who the hell knows? But when I told her I was engaged, she still gave me her number.”

“Yeah, if I remember right, she wasn’t too selective.” He grins at Nash.

“Asshole,” Nash mutters, but he’s grinning too. We all give each other shit. It’s the way we show our brotherly love.