Sneak Peek of Give Us a Chance

This is the first half of Chapter One. Contains spoilers if you haven’t read Next to Me, (the story of Nash and Callie). JAKE “You’ve gotta give up on this girl,” Nash says as he tosses his burger wrapper into the … Read More

Give Us a Chance – Book Blurb

Jake Wheeler doesn’t date. It’s one night and that’s it. Some would say he’s a player but he disagrees. He’s always upfront with a girl, letting her know he’s not interested in a relationship. That is until he meets Ivy. … Read More

Next to Me – Nash's Foot Rubs

Callie Nash turns the TV on and flips through to a reality show where some guy tries to survive in the wild. “How about this?” “That’s fine.” He smiles. “Callie, I was joking. I didn’t think you’d actually want to … Read More