Jade Taylor, a girl who grew up in poverty, and Garret Kensington, the son of a billionaire, were never supposed to fall in love. They weren’t even supposed to be friends. It’s against the rules, and if the rules are broken, the consequences could be deadly. The truth about her past and his future threatens to tear them apart. Garret promised Jade they’d be together forever, but can he keep his promise?


This companion book to The Jade Series is Choosing You rewritten in Garret’s point of view.


Pearce Kensington never dreamed of a normal life because he knew it wasn’t possible. His life is not his own. It’s controlled by something much bigger and more powerful than him. But then he meets Rachel. The light in his darkness. Their love is forbidden but he can’t let her go. He’ll do anything to have her. Anything to keep her. Anything to have a life with her. But in doing so, he risks losing her.


The story of the Kensington family continues! This is a series of spin-off books that feature the Kensington family, starting with Lilly, Pearce Kensington's daughter. Lilly can be read without having read the Kensington or Jade Series.


Moorhurst College was originally featured in The Jade Series. Now this mysterious private college has its own series with all new characters and stories filled with romance and suspense! Show your school spirit with Moorhurst merchandise! Visit the Moorhurst College shop HERE.


When Nash Wheeler moved into the house next to Callie’s, he never thought he’d fall in love with his new neighbor. He was just there to fix up the house, but love often shows up when you're least expecting it. Nash and Callie’s story, which begins in Next to Me, kicks off a series of standalone romance books that each feature a different brother in the Wheeler Family. Get to know Nash, Jake, Bryce, and Austin as they each find love in the windy city.


A new adult romance duet.