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Is Lilly's future her own? Can she be with the guy she wants?



Lilly (A Kensington Family Novel)

Lilly Kensington, daughter of billionaire Pearce Kensington, is all grown up and starting college. Before classes even start, one of the hottest guys on campus asks her out. But after a few dates, Lilly begins to question his intentions and wonders if she can trust him.

All her life, Lilly has been taught to trust no one but she isn’t sure why. And she doesn’t understand why her family is so overprotective of her. Is there something they’re not telling her?

Lilly’s mother, Katherine, is back in her life, showing interest in her daughter after years of ignoring her. Why now? What does she want? And can Lilly finally break free of the control her mother has over her?

Going to college is a new beginning for Lilly. A chance to be her own person. Make her own choices. Make decisions about her future. But is her future really hers to decide?


The Jade Series

Jade Taylor, a girl who grew up in poverty, and Garret Kensington, the son of a billionaire, were never supposed to fall in love. They weren’t even supposed to be friends. It’s against the rules, and if the rules are broken, the consequences could be deadly. The truth about her past and his future threatens to tear them apart. Garret promised Jade they’d be together forever, but can he keep his promise?


Pearce Kensington never dreamed of a normal life because he knew it wasn’t possible. His life is not his own. It’s controlled by something much bigger and more powerful than him. But then he meets Rachel. The light in his darkness. Their love is forbidden but he can’t let her go. He’ll do anything to have her. Anything to keep her. Anything to have a life with her. But in doing so, he risks losing her.


When Nash Wheeler moved into the house next to Callie’s, he never thought he’d fall in love with his new neighbor. He was just there to fix up the house, but love often shows up when you're least expecting it. Nash and Callie’s story, which begins in Next to Me, kicks off a series of standalone romance books that each feature a different brother in the Wheeler Family. Get to know Nash, Jake, Bryce, and Austin as they each find love in the windy city.