Scene from Lilly – Date or Not?

lillyLilly is releasing in November! This book is a continuation of the Jade and Kensington books so if you haven’t read those series, do so now!
Here’s a short teaser from Lilly. (Reed is a guy in Lilly’s class at college.)

“When are we going out?” I ask.

“Saturday,” Reed says.


“Day. Can you be gone all day?”

“I don’t know. I guess I could. But don’t dates usually only last a few hours?”

He smiles. “I didn’t say it was a date, but to answer your question, as far as I know, there aren’t any time limits on dates. They can be as short or as long as you want.”

My face is burning up. Why did I assume it was a date? Now I feel like an idiot. But he made it sound like a date.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I ask.

“No.” A leaf blows on his leg and he brushes it off.

“So you, um…you don’t date?”

“I date.”


He chuckles. “Yes. I date girls.”

He’s making me work way too hard for this and he’s loving every minute of it. I feel my face heating up again. I’m embarrassed to ask this but I have to know.

“So why isn’t Saturday a date?”

“Because I don’t date girls who are dating someone else.”

“I’m not really dating Preston. We went on one date.”

“And you’re going on another. And he’s already acting possessive of you, like he’s your boyfriend. I don’t get involved in that shit. It’s too much drama and I have enough drama in my life. I like you, Lilly, but I’m not going to get in a fight with that asshole in order to date you.” He takes a drink of his Mountain Dew.

“If this isn’t a date, then why did you ask if Preston was my boyfriend?”

“Because if you weren’t seeing him again, I would’ve made it a date. But since you’re still dating that guy, we’ll just be two friends hanging out.”

“How would it have been different if it were a date?”

He grins. “Guess you’ll never know, now will you?”

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Lilly, A Kensington Family Novel

lillyComing Soon!!
Lilly Kensington, daughter of billionaire Pearce Kensington, is all grown up and starting college. Before classes even start, one of the hottest guys on campus asks her out. But after a few dates, Lilly begins to question his intentions and wonders if she can trust him.

All her life, Lilly has been taught to trust no one but she isn’t sure why. And she doesn’t understand why her family is so overprotective of her. Is there something they’re not telling her?

Lilly’s mother, Katherine, is back in her life, showing interest in her daughter after years of ignoring her. Why now? What does she want? And can Lilly finally break free of the control her mother has over her?

Going to college is a new beginning for Lilly. A chance to be her own person. Make her own choices. Make decisions about her future. But is her future really hers to decide?

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Scene from More to Us – The Gym

More To UsAustin
“So…we meet again.” I toss my towel over my shoulder and lean against the weight machine next to hers.

She’s staring at me, a shocked look on her face. “You belong to this gym?” She doesn’t sound happy about it.

“Yeah. I have for the past five years.”

“Great,” she mumbles to herself. She turns back to her machine. “Well, enjoy your workout.”

I go around the machine and face her. “You trying to get rid of me?”

She looks up at me, a scowl on her face that I find to be more cute than angry. “I don’t like players, so I’d appreciate it if you’d just go away.”

“Player? I’m not a player.”

She puts her hands on her hips. “Then what the hell was last night? Why did you lie to me? You introduce yourself, I ask you about the band, and you don’t even bother to tell me you’re in it?”

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Scene from More to Us – the Wheeler Boys

More To UsMore to Us, a standalone new adult romance, comes out Sept. 5th!
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Here’s a scene with Austin and his brothers (contains spoilers if you haven’t read books 1-3)

A waitress who isn’t ours comes up to our table, turning to Jake and smiling. “Hey, Jake. How’ve you been?”

He was checking his phone but he glances up and finds himself eye level with her breasts. She’s got her hand on the table and is leaning forward, putting her cleavage on display. The waitresses here wear tight, low-cut white t-shirts and red shorts, and this particular waitress has freaking huge breasts.

“Hey.” Jake forces his eyes up to her face. He may be in love with Ivy but a guy can’t help but look at breasts like that, especially when they’re right in your face.

“It’s Shannon,” she says, twirling her long dark hair between her fingers. “We were together last—”

“Yeah,” he says, cutting her off. “I remember.”

I’m sure he doesn’t. Jake used to be with a different girl almost every night. There’s no way he remembers them all.

“So what have you been up to?” She bites her lip and gives him that look that says she’s ready and willing to have sex with him. She’d probably do it on her break if he wanted to.

Watching her, I get what Nash was saying. I don’t want a girl like this. A girl who just wants sex and nothing else. And I don’t like girls who are this aggressive. Maybe it’s old fashioned, but I like to be the pursuer, not the other way around. I guess that’s why I don’t date as much as I used to. Girls are always asking me out and I’m getting tired of it. For once, I’d like to be the one to ask a girl out.

“I’m with someone,” Jake says. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, right.” She laughs, but when Jake doesn’t, she says, “You really have a girlfriend? So what’s her name?”

“It’s no one you know. I met her at work.”

She stops twirling her hair, then stands up straight, pouting. “If you don’t want to be with me, just tell me. You don’t have to make up some lame excuse.”

He looks her in the eye. “I’m not lying. I have a girlfriend.”

“It’s true,” Nash says to her. “They live together. They’re practically engaged.”

“Oh.” Shannon’s eyes go to the floor, then dart over to me. “How about you? You single?”

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Scene from More to Us – Austin Meets Kira

More To UsAustin
The people in front of me move, allowing me a better look at the girl. Now I can see her body, and damn, she’s hot. This girl works out. I can see the definition in her arms. But it’s not too much. Some of the girls at the gym work out to the point that they have almost no body fat, leaving them with all muscle. No womanly curves, no softness.

This girl has curves, and yet she still has muscle. My eyes linger on her chest, then lower to her lean torso. She’s wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans that hug her round ass. Shit, she’s got a perfect body.

Boyfriend or not, I gotta go say hello to this girl. I reach her just as she approaches the table she was eyeing. Some guys sit down there and her face falls.

“You want that table?” I ask her, pointing to it.

“What?” She steps back, like I startled her.

“Did you want that table?”

She stares at me and I stare back. I can’t help it. Her face is even prettier up close, and she has these big, deep brown eyes.

“Um, yeah,” she says, “but I’ll just find another one.”

I step up to the table and talk to the guys. “Hey, do you guys mind moving? I was holding this table for a friend.”

They nod at me in that way that says they know who I am and are fans.

“No problem,” the one guy says. They get up and leave.

I hold out a chair for the girl. “It’s all yours.”

“Thank you.” She smiles, and this time it’s a full smile. She has a beautiful smile.

She sits down and I take the seat next to hers. I have a few minutes before I have to go meet up with Van and Dylan.

“So are you waiting for someone?” I ask.

“Yeah. My friend and her boyfriend.”

She didn’t mention having a boyfriend of her own. Maybe she doesn’t.

Her eyes do a quick glance of my body before returning to my face. I’m used to it. I spend hours a day in the gym and it shows, so I’m used to girls checking me out. But I don’t spend all those hours in the gym to get girls. Working out is just something I like to do. I like the way it makes me feel. And I do a job that requires physical labor, so staying in shape makes me less likely to get injured.

“I’m Austin,” I tell her, but I’m sure she already knows that. If she’s here to see the band, she knows who I am.

“I’m Kira.” She smiles again. “I hear this band is pretty good.”

So I guess she doesn’t know who I am. This almost never happens. The band is pretty well known, at least locally. And I’m known because I’m a Wheeler. Girls in Chicago know who the Wheeler brothers are because my brother, Jake, was named Chicago’s most eligible bachelor last year. He was dating Ivy at the time so that title didn’t last, but it boosted girls’ interest in the rest of us. But even before then, people knew who we were because we’d hit the clubs together, and four guys as big and tall as us tend to draw attention.

“You came to hear the band?” I ask. I’m not going to tell her who I am. She’ll find out soon enough.

“Not really. I’ve never heard of them. I just came because my friend asked me to, but I love live bands so I’m glad I came.”

“You’ve never heard of Vandyl?”

She shakes her head. “No. Why? Are they popular?”

I shrug. “They’re pretty popular here in Chicago.”

“So you’ve heard them play before?”

I almost laugh, but stop myself. “Yeah. I go to every one of their concerts.”

“Wow, you’re really a fan.”

“You could say that.” I smile. “Are you new to Chicago?”

“Yeah. I’m from Michigan. I’m starting college next week.”

Shit, she’s a freshman? She must have used a fake ID to get in here.

“I’m starting late,” she says, noticing the questioning look on my face. “I just turned 21, but I took a couple years off before starting college.”

I nod. “Got it.”

I should ask her out. This is my chance to finally be the one to ask instead of it being the other way around. She doesn’t know who I am, and I have a feeling if she did, she wouldn’t care. And for some reason, I like that.

“You need someone to show you around the city?” I ask. “I’ve lived here my whole life. I know all the best places to go.”

“Thanks, but my roommate’s going to show me around. She promised to give me a tour of the city some weekend.”

“Is she from here?”

“No. She’s a friend of mine from back home. We grew up together. She’s just here for college, like me.”

“No offense to your friend, but she won’t be as good a tour guide as me. I know things only the locals know.”

“Oh, really?” She turns toward me more and smiles. “Like what?”

“Best pizza places. Best bars. Best clubs. Best movie theaters.”

“I could probably find that stuff out online.”

Damn, she’s really making me work here. I thought I was feeling some chemistry between us but maybe it’s all one-sided. There’s no doubt I’m attracted to this girl. And although I just met her, I already like her. I like that she showed up in jeans and a t-shirt when every other girl here is dressed up. It shows she’s confident enough to wear what she wants instead of trying to match everyone else. I also like that she smiles a lot. I’m tired of girls that always have a pout on their face. They think it’s sexy but it just makes them look like they’re mad. And what guy wants to look at that all night?

And the other reason I like her? Because she turned me down. I think it’s a Wheeler trait. My brothers and I tend to be attracted to girls who turn us down. Nash spent weeks trying to get Callie to go out with him, and it took Jake months to convince Ivy to go on a date. They were the only two girls who ever turned them down. They had to work hard just to get dates with them, but their efforts paid off and now they’re in love.

I’m not looking to fall in love, but I do want this girl to go out with me.

“You can’t trust what you read online,” I say. “So what do you say? Can I take you out?”

“No, but thanks for offering.”

She still said no? Guess she has no interest in me. I finally find a girl I really like and she won’t even go on a date with me.

I hold up my phone. “Will you at least take my number? That way you can call me if you have any questions.”

“What questions would I have?” She still has a smile on her face. She has this whole time, so does that mean she’s interested? But she turned me down, and she doesn’t seem to want my number.

“Austin!” some girl yells. I don’t know her but she’s got her eye on me as she stumbles through the crowd. She’s drunk, and I try to avoid drunk fans before a concert.

“I need to go,” I say to Kira. “It was nice meeting you.” I offer her my hand.

“You too.” She shakes my hand. Her hands are soft and small but she has a good, firm handshake.

“Enjoy the show,” I tell her, then quickly get up from the table before the drunk girl reaches me.

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