Scene from Only Her: My Fault

Only HerThis scene takes place when Garret is 15.

I leave my office and see Garret stumbling in the front door.

“Garret.” I close the door behind him, then help him to the stairs. He can barely walk. I’ve never seen him this drunk.

“Dad,” he mumbles.

“How much did you drink?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know.”

“Let’s go to your room.” I get a firm grip on him and drag him up the stairs.
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Scene from Only Her: Remember that Day

Only HerIn this scene, Garret is 15 and having dinner with Lilly, who is 2. From Garret’s POV.
Why did the plane crash have to happen? Everything was so perfect, and then it all ended and it’s never been the same.

“Garrah!” Lilly’s holding a piece of carrot up to my face. I pretend to bite her fingers as I take it from her. She laughs and falls back on my chest.

“Come on, Lilly.” I point to her plate. “You need to eat your dinner.”

She sits up again and picks at her chicken. But I’ve lost all interest in mine.

“Remember that day?” I ask Charles. “When I asked her to stay?”
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Book Description for Only Her

Only HerFinal book of the series!
After a tragic loss, Pearce has been forced to go on with his life but he’s done so without success. He’s consumed with work and is neglecting Garret, the only remaining piece of Rachel he has left. It isn’t until Pearce is at risk of losing his son that he finally wakes up and begins to change back into the man he used to be before she was gone. But part of him will never be the same. He’ll never be completely whole without her.

Rachel has been waiting for years without a word from anyone, until one day, she finally receives a message. But not the one she wants. Despite this major setback, she’s determined to leave the place that was never supposed to be her home. She has a family. A life. And she refuses to give it up, even if it means risking everything to get it back.

Despite the years and distance between them, and all the people trying to keep them apart, their love for each other remains. But it’ll take more than love to bring them back together.

Scene from Protecting Her – Halloween

Protecting HerRACHEL
“Which store do you want to go to?” I ask Garret. We’re on the hunt for a Halloween costume. It’s Tuesday, and Halloween is on Thursday, but Garret couldn’t decide on a costume so we didn’t get one yet.

“Jared got his at the mall. He’s gonna be a fireman.”

“What do you want to be? Have you decided yet?” I turn onto the road that takes us to the mall. We don’t have a mall in our small town but there’s one that’s not far from the gym we just left.

“Maybe a football player,” he says. “Or a baseball player.”

He’s so obsessed with sports. It’s all he talks about. In order to have conversations with him, I had to have Pearce give me lessons in every sport. My dad taught me about football but that’s it. I didn’t know anything about soccer or baseball or basketball.

“You could be a superhero,” I say.

“I guess.” He doesn’t sound too excited about that. “What was dad when he was a kid?”

“Your dad didn’t dress up for Halloween. Your grandparents didn’t celebrate it.”

“Why not?”

“They’re not really into holidays.”

“I love holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. Except I don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s for girls.”

“It’s not just for girls. It’s for everyone. Someday you’ll like a girl and you’ll want to give her a valentine.”

“No way.” I glance at him in the rearview mirror and see him making a face. “I’ll never like a girl enough to give her a valentine.”

“Not now, but you will someday.” It makes me wonder what his future wife will be like and when he’ll meet her. Will he meet her in college? Or maybe he’ll meet her at work, when he’s older.

“I do NOT like Alyssa,” he proclaims. “You need to have a talk with that girl, Mom.” He’s so serious I almost laugh.

“What’s wrong with Alyssa?”

“She wants to be my girlfriend. I told her no but she didn’t listen. She told me she’s gonna tell her whole class I’m her boyfriend.”

“It’s okay, honey. You don’t go to her school. Nobody will know who she’s talking about.”

“I don’t care. I still don’t like her. She wears too much pink and she smells funny.”

“Garret, that’s her perfume.” I’m trying really hard not to laugh.

“Well, it stinks.”

Protecting Her – Sneak Peek!

Protecting HerHere’s the first half of chapter one. This is from Pearce’s POV.
Note: Contains spoilers if you haven’t read Needing Her and Keeping Her.

I’ve been waiting all day to see her and the nurse finally gave me the okay. I walk in her room and see Rachel lying there resting, her eyes closed. She’s hooked up to an IV and monitors.

I hate seeing her this way. They said she’ll be okay, but still. I feel guilty, thinking maybe I should’ve told her no. I knew the risks involved with her having a child, and yet I let her do it anyway. And then she almost died giving birth. If she had, I would’ve blamed myself. I’d always blame myself if anything ever happened to her.

I sit on the side of her bed and gently take her hand in mine.

“Pearce.” Her eyes open and she looks at me.

“I’m here, sweetheart.” I lean down and kiss her forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” she says, struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Go ahead and rest. I’ll be right here.”

“I’m okay. I’ll sleep later.” She smiles weakly. “Did you hold him yet?”

“Yes.” I smile, which seems to happen every time I think of him. “I’ve held him several times now.”

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