Now Live! Moorhurst College Duet

Now available! Secrets Told and Secrets Kept ! This duet is a romantic suspense about a student at Moorhurst College, his girlfriend, and the secret Organization featured in the Jade Series.

Secrets Told Releases April 27th!

Read the exciting conclusion to Secrets Kept in the final book of the Moorhurst College Duet, a love story involving the mysterious organization originally featured in the Jade Series! Preorder now at Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo

Coming soon! Secrets Told

It’s too late to unsee what she saw. It’s too late to untell what she told. The only thing she can do now is wait. She thought it was over, but then a package showed up at her door. A … Read More

Secrets Told Cover Reveal

Secrets Told is the conclusion to Secrets Kept, a romantic suspense story about Gavin, a politician’s son and student at the mysterious Moorhurst College, and Kate, a caterer for the wealthy. Secrets Told will release in April or early May!