Bonus Scene – Jade's Early Years

Here’s a bonus scene that’s a prequel to The Jade Series. It takes place when Jade is 3 years old and is written from her mom’s point of view.
“Come on, baby girl, we’ve gotta go.” I chase after her but she keeps running away. It’s after eleven and if we don’t hurry we’ll miss the bus and then I’ll miss my appointment and I can’t miss it.

Jade hides under the kitchen table and I feel my anger rising. She does this all the time. She’s always hiding and it makes me angry. She’s only three so I know I shouldn’t be angry at her for just acting her age, but I can’t help it. I can’t seem to control my anger, not just with her but with anyone.

I need my pills. My pills will make me feel better. But I’m all out, which is why I can’t miss my appointment at the free mental health clinic.

“Jade.” I stand by the table, leaning down to see her bright green eyes looking back at me. “Get over here. Right now!”

She doesn’t budge so I get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the table just enough so I can grab her.

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Garret's POV: Halloween Party, Part 2

Here’s the second part of the bonus scene from Choosing You, written in Garret’s point of view. If you missed Part 1, read it here.


I shut the door and let go of Ava’s hand.

“What did you say about my dad?”

She tilts her head and smiles. “We can talk later.” She pulls on my hand as she walks backward toward the bed.

I yank my hand back and she holds on, propelling herself forward, her face landing on my chest.

“Damn, you smell good,” she says, taking deep breaths. “I forgot how good you smell.”

“I told you to get off me.” I push her away holding her in place by her shoulders so she doesn’t fall on me again. “Now tell me what my dad said.”

“So we’re not having sex?”

I roll my eyes. “I’m not interested in you, Ava. I’ve told you that a million times.”

“It’s just sex, Garret.” She lifts my shirt up again and her long red nails scratch my skin. I hate long nails. I always have. “You don’t have to be interested in me. We’re just having a good time.” Her fingers trail down to my belt.

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Garret's POV: Halloween Party, Part 1

This bonus scene from Choosing You shows what was going on with Garret while Jade was back at the dorm reading her Mom’s letter. The scene ended up being longer than I’d planned so I made it into two parts.

Here’s Garret…


The party is packed with people because it’s the night before Halloween and costume parties always draw a crowd. I can barely move with all the people and it’s so damn hot in here I’m starting to sweat.

I’ve been here for an hour now and I’m bored out of my mind and just want to leave. There’s a pool table in the corner which occupied my time for about ten minutes until some girl climbed on top of it and started dancing. The girl has on a nurse’s costume with a white skirt that’s so short you could see her ass even when she wasn’t bending over. And now that she’s on the table you can see everything under her skirt, which is why about 20 guys have gathered around the pool table.

I took a glance at her when she first climbed up there. What can I say? I’m a guy. Our eyes naturally divert to naked women, or in this case, almost naked. She’s got a red lace thong underneath the skirt and a heart tattoo on her inner thigh.

My eyes didn’t linger. I have no interest in her or any other girl here. Every time I go to one of these parties, all I can think about is Jade, wondering what she’s doing, and feeling bad that she’s sitting all alone in her room. She says she doesn’t mind staying home on Friday nights but I don’t believe her. Who the hell wants to sit all alone in their dorm room on a Friday night?

The guys around me start chanting “take it off” and I look up and see nurse girl unbuttoning the white shirt she’s wearing that’s so tight I’m surprised the buttons haven’t burst off it by now. She only undoes the top button and the guys chant louder.

“Okay, listen.” She waves her hands in the air and the guys quiet down. “I’ll take it off, but you have to work for it. You have to do a shot with me for each button.”

The guy next to me yells, “Shit, yeah!” and races back to the bar while the other guys yell at him to hurry up. They’re so stupid. Most of the girls in here are so drunk they’d take their tops off without demanding anything in return but nurse girl likes to be the center of attention and her method is clearly working.

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Garret’s POV: Dinner at the Kensington Estate

Here’s another scene from Choosing You written in Garret’s point of view. This is actually a series of scenes that take place before and during the dinner hosted by Pearce and Katherine Kensington, welcoming Jade to Moorhurst College as the scholarship recipient.

Here’s what Garret was thinking that day…

Orientation starts in a few minutes and I’m standing here listening to a guy from my floor tell me about his summer internship at one of the investment banks on Wall Street. His dad’s an investment banker and got him the internship and has already secured him a job there after graduation. The guy won’t stop talking and I feel like I’m stuck at one of my dad’s parties where people just stand around bragging about themselves for hours.

“My dad says I can easily make a half mil the first year,” he tells me. I don’t act impressed so he looks at the guy standing next to me. “And that doesn’t even count bonuses.”

As he tells us his projected earnings for year two, my phone rings.

“I gotta get this,” I say, holding the phone up. They walk off and I answer the phone without checking who’s calling.

Before I can say ‘hello’ I hear my dad’s voice. “Garret. Dinner’s at 7:30 tonight. Don’t be late.”

There’s no “Hi.” No “How are you doing?” He just starts barking out orders like he always does. And he wonders why we don’t get along.

“I can’t make it,” I tell him, knowing he won’t accept that. But I forgot all about this dinner and now I don’t have a good excuse prepared for why I can’t go.

Every year we have this welcome dinner for the scholarship recipient, but it’s usually just my dad and Katherine. In the past, Lilly and I would eat dinner early and then hang out in our rooms. But this year, since I’m also a freshman at Moorhurst, my dad insists that I be there. Actually, he’s not insisting. He’s forcing me to go. He’s not giving me a choice.

“You’ll make it,” he says. “And you’ll be dressed appropriately. Suit and tie. Actually I want you there at 7 so you’re at the house when she arrives. I have a late meeting and may not make it home until dinner starts. You know how Katherine gets. It’d be better if you were there to greet the girl.”

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Bonus Scene with Jade and Garret

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I wrote this all-new BONUS scene!! This scene would’ve taken place during Loving You (Jade Series #3). It shows Jade and Garret getting ready for a (fictitious, not today’s game) Super Bowl party. Enjoy!!
“Jade, let’s go.” Garret’s knocking on my door.

I jump off the bed and meet him at the door. “I think I’ll just stay here. I don’t really like football.”

“What are you talking about?” He comes inside, shutting the door behind him. “It’s Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a holiday and you’re celebrating all of them so hurry up and get dressed.”

I look down at my blue sweater and jeans. “I’m already dressed. You don’t like what I’m wearing?”

He hands me a small bag I hadn’t even noticed he was holding. “Here. I got you this.”

I reach in the bag and pull out a New England Patriot’s t-shirt. “I have to wear this? I’m not even a fan.”

He laughs and drops a kiss on my lips. “You are now. You live in New England and they’re in the Super Bowl. You have to support them.”

“Maybe I don’t like the Patriots,” I say, holding the t-shirt up. It’s a cute shirt. A fitted v-neck style that’s navy with red and white lettering.

“Then what team do you like?” He stands in front of me, his arms crossed. “You’ve never mentioned liking any particular team.”

“I like the Vikings,” I say, trying to sound confident in my answer.

He laughs. “You don’t like the Vikings.”

“How do you know? Since Iowa doesn’t have a team, it was either the Vikings, the Packers, the Bears, or the Chiefs and I picked the Vikings.”

Truthfully I have no interest in any of those teams, or any other pro football team, but Frank and Ryan love football and both of them are huge Minnesota Viking fans.

“You’re lying.” Garret steps closer, nudging my chin up so our eyes meet. “I know you don’t like the Vikings.”

“How do you know?”

“Because their color is purple and you hate purple.”

It’s so true. Although I don’t know anything about the Vikings, I could never be a fan because I don’t like their team color.

“Well, yeah, maybe I don’t like their color but that doesn’t mean I don’t—”

He kisses me. “Yeah, nice try, Jade.” He reaches down and pulls my sweater up.

“What are you doing?” I put my arms up as he lifts the sweater over my head.

“Getting you dressed. We need to go. Sean and Harper are waiting.” He takes the Patriots shirt from my hand and holds it in front of me. “Come on.”

I look at his long sleeve white t-shirt. “Where’s YOUR team apparel?”

“It’s in the car. I had to run home yesterday and get it. I have a team jersey.”

“Fine.” I slip the t-shirt on. It’s a little smaller than my other t-shirts and clings to my chest.

Garret stands back. “I did good. That’s freaking hot.”

I walk over to the mirror to check it out. “A sports t-shirt is hot?”

He comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “On you it is. And this one fits you perfectly.” He moves my hair over and kisses the side of my neck.

“I thought we were in a hurry to leave,” I say, tilting my head to give him better access to my neck.

“Game doesn’t start for two hours. We’ve got time.”

“Then why were you telling me to hurry and get ready?”

“Super Bowl parties start way before the game starts. That’s how it works.”

“Then we should go.”

He spins me around and his kisses move to my lips, his hands on my hips.

I push him back. “What’s this? You think you’re gonna score here on Super Bowl Sunday?”

“Yeah, I do.” His cocky smile appears.

I smile back. “I think you’re right.”