Scene with Travis and Skye

“Why are you staring at me?” she asks as she walks past me.

“Because you’re hot.” I turn and get a view of her ass. Those tight black yoga pants wrapped around that curvy ass? Sheer perfection.

Skye whips around to face me. “Why do you keep saying that? It’s totally inappropriate.”

“Saying you’re hot? Why is that inappropriate? You’re not my employee.”

“I’m your customer.”

“Are you?” I fold my arms over my chest and her eyes immediately go to my biceps, which look even larger when I cross my arms like this. “You haven’t actually hired me yet. Or paid me anything. So you’re not really my customer. But if my compliments bother you, I’ll stop.”

“Then stop.”

“Done.” I smile. “But just so you know, I have no issues with compliments so feel free to throw a few my way.”

She rolls her eyes. “And what would I compliment you on? Your horrible timing? Your ability to interrupt someone when they’re in the middle of something?”

I tilt my head. “When did I interrupt you?”

“It was just an example,” she says, seeming flustered as she walks to the other side of the room. “What are we doing here? Are you taking me home or what?”

Thunder cracks above us, with enough power to rattle the building. The lights flicker, then go black.

“Shit,” I mutter.

“I can’t see anything,” I hear Skye say.

“Just stay there. I’ll come find you.”

“Don’t you have a flashlight?”

“It’s in the truck and I don’t want to go out there right now.”

“Then stay there. I’ll just wait here until the lights go back on.”

Thunder crackles then booms so loud it sounds like it’s inside the building.

“Okay, maybe come find me,” she says.

“Why?” I ask, walking over to her. “You scared?”

“Maybe a little. I don’t like storms. Never have.”

“Just hold on. I’m almost there.” I reach in front of me and feel something soft.

“Hey! Watch it!” she yells.


“You just grabbed my boob!”

“Oh. Sorry. You can grab mine if you want to even things out.”

I hear her laugh. “No thanks.”

“Did I just make you laugh?”

“No,” she says.

“I did. You just won’t admit it.” I step closer. “Give me your hand.”

“I can’t see you.”

“Just feel around until you do. I don’t care where you touch me. I promise not to press charges.”

She laughs again.

“That was definitely a laugh.”

Her hand lands on my lower abs. “Okay, I found you. Where’s your hand?”

“Right here.” I go to take her hand but then feel it on my crotch. “Um, Skye?”

“Where’s your hand?”

I chuckle. “That’s definitely not it but feel free to keep looking if you want.”

“What? Oh my God, did I just—”

I take her hand. “You did, but don’t worry about it. We’re good now.” I get a tighter hold on her hand and slowly walk back to the waiting area.

“Did I really just…touch you there?”

“Skye, it’s not a big deal. It’s more than I’d usually expect after first meeting a girl, but hey, some girls move fast.”

She jabs my side. “I was not doing it on purpose. I thought your hand was down there.”

“At my crotch?” I laugh. “Yeah, I don’t usually touch myself down there with other people around.”

She sighs. “That’s not what I meant. I thought your hand was at your side. I just couldn’t see your side because it’s so freaking dark in here.”

“Did it feel like my hand? Because if so that’s—”

“No. It didn’t. That’s why I—can we just stop talking about this?”

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