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lillyLilly is a continuation of the Jade and Kensington series. If you haven’t read either of those series, you can still read Lilly but will get more enjoyment from the story if you’ve read those other series. If you’ve read The Jade Series but not the Kensingtons, I recommend you read the Kensingtons before reading Lilly. Events happen in the Kensingtons that Jade fans will want to know about before reading Lilly.

People have been asking me to write Lilly’s story for a long time now and it’s finally here! You’ll not only see Lilly in this book, but also Jade and Garret, Pearce, Katherine, and more.

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  • This was the first book of yours I have read and I highly enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next one. Any timeline on when it will be done? Also, I am trying to decide if I should start the Jade series or the Kensington – which would you suggest? I have some backtracking to do!

    • I’m working on the next book but don’t have a release date yet. As for the other books, I’d suggest Jade Series first, then the Kensingtons.

  • Do you know many books will be in the Lilly series? I LOVE IT! You’re such a talented writer!

  • I read all the Kensington books two weeks ago, then the Jade series and I just finished the Lilly book. I am in love with these characters. I’ve never cried so much reading a book like I did reading the 4th Kensington book. I can’t wait for the next installment of Lilly. I’m a brand new reader of yours, please don’t stop writing these books!

    • The Kensington book had me crying when I wrote it so I’m glad the emotion came through the pages!
      Thank you for reading the books!

  • The Jade Series is my favorite series thank you for writing these amazing books you are now one of my favorite authors

  • Thank you! I loved writing about these characters. I’m glad you enjoyed their story as much as I did!

  • I have reread the jade series like five times and it only takes me a week to get through the series once I love how much emotion there is and just can’t stop reading them. Do you plan on making books for Jade and Garret’s kids please do that would be amazing. Your my favorite author ever and I need more books to read because I absolutely love to read!!!!!

  • In less than 2 weeks i have read the jade series, all the companion novels and the Kensington series. I cant get enough of your books. I am about to start reading the Wheeler brothers books. You are an extremely talented writer. I have never been so attached to the characters of any book i have read like I am with the Kensingtons. I feel like they wre real people that I know. (To be honest, I start crying when i get close to tye end of a Kensington family book, I dont want them to end.) Maybe you could write books about Abigail, Hannah, Miles and Ethan?
    Thank you for sharing your talent with fellow bookworms like me.

    • That’s a lot to read in two weeks! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the books. Thanks for reading them!

  • When will the second book of Lilly’s life in college come out? I loved this book, but now I want to find out what happens in the next one!

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