Forever You – Fourth of July scene

Here’s a scene from Forever You, book 5 in the Jade Series. I don’t have a release date yet, but I wanted to share this sneak peek. In this scene, Jade and Garret are back in Connecticut for the Fourth of July.
We fly out Friday morning for the cross-country flight. With the layover it takes all day and we get into Connecticut at 6. Garret rented a car so his dad wouldn’t have to pick us up.

“I’m getting nervous,” I say as we’re driving to his house.

“What are you nervous about? Katherine?”

“Just everything. Being back here. Being close to Moorhurst. Going back to your house. So many bad things have happened here.”

He reaches over and takes my hand. “And lots of good things happened, too. Think of those things instead of the bad things.”

I nod in agreement, but I still feel nervous being back. My heart’s beating faster than normal, my stomach’s in knots, and I can’t stop tapping my foot on the floor of the car.

I did not at all expect to feel this way. Before I got here I was looking forward to seeing everything again. Maybe it is Katherine making me feel this way. Or it could be the fact that the last time I was in this area I thought I’d lost Garret for good. I thought I’d never see him again. Yeah, that’s probably why I feel so sick right now.

“Hey.” Garret brings my hand up to his mouth and kisses it. “I’m right here.”

He keeps hold of my hand, rubbing the top of it with his thumb. He’s trying to calm my nerves because he knows what I’m thinking. We just passed Moorhurst and my mind is replaying the memory of saying goodbye to him in the woods.

“We just passed campus,” I say, stating the obvious.

“I know.” He smiles. “I went to school there, remember?”

“Were you thinking what I was thinking?”

“About what a great time we had there? Yeah. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The movie nights. Chasing you around the track. Kissing you for the first time. Endless amounts of sex in my room. I can’t believe we used to have sex on a twin bed. I can’t imagine doing that now.”

He’s completely avoiding our goodbye in the woods, acting like it never happened. And maybe I should, too. It’s over and I don’t need to relive it. I need to forget it and focus on where we ended up. Together. Engaged. Soon to be married.

Excerpt taken from Forever You (The Jade Series #5)
Copyright 2014 Allie Everhart


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  • I cannot wait! This series is so good! I already recommended it my friend who always ask me for book recommendations. This story has so much more to go on, please do not end with this novella!

  • I can not wait for Forever You to come out! I read the first 4 books in a week! They are so good! Please keep writing more books in this series with Jade and Garret! I love them and their love story!

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