Book Blurb for Holding On

Up until that night, everything was perfect. I’d just finished my junior year, been named one of the best college football players in the country, and had a smokin’ hot girl on my lap in the back of my buddy’s … Read More

Lilly and Reed: Garret’s POV

Here’s a short teaser from Lilly and Reed, written from Garret’s POV. GARRET I glance back at the house and see my mom in the kitchen with Jade. They’re each holding one of the twins while the girls dance around. … Read More

Lilly and Reed Teaser

Lilly and Reed is written from the POVs of Pearce, Katherine, Lilly, and Garret, but most of the chapters are from Pearce, such as this one. Pearce “What’s going on?” I hear Lilly’s voice behind me and turn to see … Read More

Scene from Lilly and Reed

Lilly This morning, Reed drove up to see me. He’s staying the weekend, but in the guest room. There’s no way my dad would let him stay in my room, even though I know for a fact that my dad … Read More

Release Date Announcement

Lilly and Reed will be released on May 12th! It’s a Friday so you can get it and read it over the weekend! Pre-order at iBooks. Available at Amazon and other retailers on release day. Add to Goodreads  

Lilly and Reed

When Lilly went to college she didn’t expect to fall in love, but then she met Reed. Now, almost a year later, the two of them couldn’t be happier. But their happiness comes at a price—a price Lilly may not … Read More